HP – Guaranteed Future Value – Promotion Terms

  1. The HP Guaranteed Future Value Promotion (“Promotion”) is open to universities and colleges located within the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland (“Participant”) who are able to prove their establishment status on request/-. For the avoidance of doubt, schools and academies are specifically excluded from this Promotion:

  2. Subject to full compliance with these Promotion Terms and Conditions (“Promotion Terms”), Participants who purchase a Qualifying Product (as defined at Condition 3), and then proceed to purchase a subsequent Qualifying Product within the 24 months following their Initial Purchase (as defined at Condition 3) will be eligible to claim a cashback reward for the amount set out at Condition 8 (“Reward”) upon trading in their original Qualifying Product.

  3. To take part in the Promotion, Participants must purchase one or more eligible “Qualifying Products” between the 1st May 2019 (00:01 BST) and and 31st October 2019 (00:01 BST) (the “Promotional Period”) from an “Authorised Reseller”, (“Initial Purchase”).

  4. Within 30 – 60 days of the Initial Purchase (“Opt-in Period”), Participants must register their purchased Qualifying Product by visiting www.hpgfv.com, selecting ‘register’ and entering in the requested details, including (but not limited to) the contact information of the Participant, proof of purchase and serial number of the Qualifying Product(s) to create an account (“Registration”).

  5. Following Registration, Participants must purchase a subsequent Qualifying Product within the 24 months following their Initial Purchase (“GFV Period”) from an Authorised Reseller (“Subsequent Purchase”).

  6. To be eligible under the Promotion, the Qualifying Product purchased within the Subsequent Purchase must have a purchase price of equal or greater value than the Qualifying Product purchased within the Initial Claim as shown on the relevant proof of purchase.

  7. Following the Subsequent Purchase, Participants shall be eligible to trade in their Qualifying Product purchased within the Initial Purchase and claim a Reward with the value being calculated in accordance with Condition 8 below subject to full compliance with these Promotion Terms.

  8. The Reward value of a Qualifying Product will be calculated by applying the applicable percentage as shown at Table 1 below to the lower of either:

    • The manufacturer set suggested selling price (MSRP) of the relevant Qualifying Product at the time of purchase; or

    • The actual purchase price paid by the Participant for the Qualifying Product as stated on the relevant proof pf purchase as supplied by the Participant during the Claim process.

Table 1 – Guaranteed Future Value Percentages

Months from Initial Purchase 123456789101112
GFV Percentage 65.0%65.0%65.0%60.0%60.0%60.0%55.0%55.0%55.0%50.0%50.0%50.0%
Months from Initial Purchase 131415161718192021222324
GFV Percentage 50.0%40.0%40.0%40.0%40.0%40.0%40.0%40.0%40.0%40.0%40.0%40.0%
  1. Participants can view the potential GFV Value of any purchased Qualifying Product by visiting their asset register via www.hpgfv.com and selecting the relevant Qualifying Product in their account (as created during the Registration process).

  2. Following their Subsequent Purchase, Participants wishing to make a Claim for a GFV Reward must visit www.hpgfv.com, select the relevant Qualifying Product they intend to trade in for the Reward within their account and follow the prompts, providing the information set out at Condition 11 below to make a “Claim”.

  3. Participants making a Claim must submit all information requested at the time of Claim, including but not limited to proof of purchase stating the purchase price, quantity of Qualifying Products and the Authorised Reseller both the Initial and Subsequent Purchases were made from.

  4. Following the submission of a Claim, the Promoter shall communicate the outcome of the Claim to the Participant within three (3) working days. For the avoidance of doubt Participants may only claim (1) Reward per Qualifying Product purchased and one per Qualifying Product traded in within the relevant Claim, up to a maximum of 1000 total Rewards per Participant.

  5. Upon the successful submission of a Claim, the Participant shall receive a pre-paid postage label (one per Claim) and a “Barcode” for each Qualifying Product to be traded in. Participants must dispatch their Qualifying Product to the Promoter (to the address specified on the pre-paid label) within ten (10) working days of receiving the postage label.

  6. Participants must print and include the relevant Barcode(s) with the corresponding Qualifying Product(s) in order for the Participant to receive their Reward.  Qualifying Products must be individually and securely packaged. The Promoter cannot accept liability for any Qualifying Products lost, damaged or destroyed in transit, or where the relevant Barcode is not included in any shipment.  

  7. For Claims of 10 Qualifying Products (to be traded in) or more, a free pick-up service is available. The pick-up service includes a maximum 2 pick-up attempts by the courier, any additional pick-up attempts will be charged to the Participant Where a Participant’s Claim qualifies for this service, they will be informed through the system accordingly. Any such pick up must take place from the address originally specified by the Participant during the Claim process.

  8. To qualify for the Promotion, the Qualifying Product to be traded in must:

    • Be fully working and complete;
    • complete with all accessories (including the original power supply if relevant);
    • not BIOS locked, or password protected in any way;
    • the rightful property of the Participant.
  9. Where the Qualifying Product traded in does not meet the requirements set out at Condition 16 above the Promoter reserves the right to refuse or revalue the relevant Reward due to the Participant in compliance with Table 2 below. Any such decision is made at the full discretion of the Promoter only. Where the relevant Qualifying Product is revalued, HP shall notify the Participant of the revised amount within 5 working days. Participants shall then have 5 further working days from receipt of this email to accept or decline the revised  Reward amount. Where the Participant does not communicate their preference within this timeline, they will be deemed to have accepted the revised Reward amount.

Table 2 – Re-Evaluation Amounts

Description of Fault Deduction Amount (£ and €)
Battery worn out/failed20
Cracked of damaged casing/heavy scratching20
Dead motherboardNot eligible for Reward
Missing keys from keyboard10
Missing or not working power supply20
Permanent marking i.e. asset tag or etching20
Password or Bios lockedNot eligible for Reward
Missing hard drive20
  1. Providing that the Promotion Terms are fully complied with the Promoter shall approve the Claim, within 14 days of receiving the Qualifying Product and pay the Participant the relevant Reward value within 30 days of this approval.

  2. The tax liability of any Reward paid shall be the sole responsibility of the Participant only.

  3. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for lost or confidential data and software. Upon receipt of the Qualifying Product, all data will be destroyed. The Promoter is unable to retrieve any Participant data once the device has been received. Deletion of all confidential data and information, which are in each case subject to applicable data protection legislation and are possibly stored on the relevant device to be traded-in, is the responsibility of the Participant. 

  4. The Promoter is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website, or other failures or damage of any kind to the extent that this prevents the Participant from or otherwise obstructs them in participating in the Promotion. 

  5. Personal data supplied during the course of this Promotion may be passed on to third party suppliers only insofar as required for verification of applications and payment of the of the Reward. View HP Privacy statement here, our Cookie policy here, our personal data rights here. 

  6. Participants are deemed to have accepted and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions upon enrolling in the HPfE Platform.  

  7. If a Claim is refused because the terms of the Promotion have not been met, the Promoter’s decision is final. The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw, amend or terminate the Promotion with 14 days’ notice.  

  8. Reference to the Promoter relate to: HP Inc, Cain Rd, Amen Corner, Binfield, Bracknell RG12 1HN

  9. This Promotion is governed by the laws of England and Wales.